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Software Engineering
United States
Posted on Saturday, July 29, 2023

About the Web Presence team

The Web Presence team is a hybrid group of designers and engineers who are responsible for delivering high-quality web experiences that support HashiCorp’s go-to-market efforts. This includes a variety of websites like, and more. For many of HashiCorp’s customers and users, the Web Presence team delivers their first experience with the company and so it’s crucial we set high standards.

Along with the rest of HashiCorp, we know we can't succeed without each team member being successful - a great team culture is something that is constructed by actual experiences, not through words alone. HashiCorp's Principles are referenced in our day-to-day work and aren't just "words on the wall".

Our team believes that “working in the open” makes us all better. This means that we often write down and collaborate on ideas before we start writing code. We embrace proofs of concept that communicate the core of an idea and often start the “imperfect” version of something first to collect feedback. Iteration and progressive improvement makes our work adaptable, modular, and ultimately better.

Given the breadth of web properties our team manages, there’s a wide range of work on this team. Our projects range from frontend-heavy marketing initiatives with interactive graphics and complex animations, to implementing and evolving HashiCorp’s design system, to backend systems architecture, to fullstack feature development that directly impacts HashiCorp users.

We encourage individual autonomy and keep processes minimal. We value flexibility, prioritize asynchronous communication, and adjust workflows as needed depending on the needs of the project or team. We have unique challenges across the stack to work on and you’ll get a say in what is compelling for your interests and growth.

About you

The Web Presence team is looking for a senior engineer to join the team and have an impact by helping to build, operate and improve HashiCorp’s public facing web experiences.

You may be a good fit if you are:

  • Curious, creative and collaborative. You approach problems incrementally, taking a pragmatic approach without premature optimization or abstraction.
  • Someone who likes communicating your ideas, planning to tackle something in prose, and workshopping it with teammates before you start writing code.
  • Comfortable with ambiguity and approach problems with a learning mindset.
  • Open-minded, you enjoy collaborating across teams (engineering, design, product, marketing and more) and differing levels of experience, from junior engineers to VPs.
  • Willing to form well-considered, strong opinions, share those opinions, listen to others' opinions, and be open to changing your mind sometimes.
  • A person who desires direct, clear, and kind feedback, and is willing to give the same to others, even when it's hard to do.
  • A person who values the flexibility that comes with a remote team, while recognizing the extra effort that everyone has to put into communication and relationship-building.


  • Contribute maintainable, well-tested, accessible and well-documented code to our various project repos.
  • Work closely with a wide variety of internal collaborators - designers, marketers, education engineers, product engineers and leadership.
  • Review and refactor code — help those around you grow through mentorship and pairing.
  • Independently and collaboratively identify solutions to user (both internal and external) problems and build and iterate solutions.
  • Improve the way that users consume our product documentation and work with product and education engineers to improve their authoring experience.
  • Contribute to backend systems and APIs that power our sites.
  • Partner with designers to implement front-end projects with animations, interaction and meticulous polish.


  • 4+ years of frontend and/or full stack development experience.
  • Deep expertise and experience with React and React frameworks like Next.js.
  • Experience with TypeScript & Node.js.
  • Fluency with HTML, CSS and modern JavaScript standards.
  • Knowledge and familiarity with modern digital design and prototyping tools (like Figma).
  • Experience and comfort with Git and version control.
  • Understanding of and experience with both unit and integration testing.
  • Proven ability to collaborate with other teams.
  • Proven experience working iteratively and collaboratively to craft engineering solutions that solve user and business problems.
  • Demonstrated experience building high quality web experiences from inception to completion that are accessible, performant, responsive and scalable.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Familiarity with how web servers work.
  • Experience working with HTTP APIs.
  • A general understanding of database design — both relational and NoSQL data modeling.

We're not dogmatic about the tools we use and are constantly learning as a team. We believe strongly in learning, so deep prior experience with our tools of choice isn't strictly necessary, but you should be sure that you are open to learning them and will enjoy working with them every day.

Our offer:

  • You will be part of a well-supported, skilled team where your long-term personal and professional growth are prioritized.
  • A fully remote culture. HashiCorp has been a distributed company since the beginning. Read more about How HashiCorp Works.
  • A trust-based work environment where expectations are set clearly, and you're given the space to fulfill them. And you get clear, direct and transparent feedback on how you're doing, with support to grow and develop.
  • A wide variety of types of work to explore, and the space and support to try out taking on new responsibilities. Our team has a clear career rubric for both IC and management tracks.
  • Opportunities to write about your work, open source projects, and participate in dev advocacy across the industry.
  • Competitive salary, generous equity grants, excellent benefits and a generous time off policy.


Colorado, California, Washington and New York City Applicants: To view base salary ranges for this role in your location and to learn more about which roles are eligible for bonus pay or commissions, please visit our Pay Transparency Calculator below. Individual pay within the range will be determined based on job related-factors such as skills, experience, and education or training. Information on our benefits can be found via the link below. Intern ranges can be found below.