Sr. Engineer - Backend - Nomad



Software Engineering
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Posted on Wednesday, November 1, 2023

About the role…

Our team builds and maintains Nomad, a performant, distributed cluster orchestrator that supports heterogeneous workloads including containerized applications, VMs, batch processing, and machine learning frameworks. Our customers run Nomad on tens of thousands of nodes, and rely on our tools to operate their own infrastructure and software. The Nomad Engineering team cares deeply about reliability, performance, and the usability for our users.

Some of the future challenges for our team include:

  • Building an extensible orchestration platform for a variety of runtime drivers, devices and logging.
  • Advanced scheduling use cases such as managing dependencies between tasks, oversubscription and rebalancing.
  • Service segmentation and enabling shared network namespaces among tasks.
  • Deployments across a large fleet of nodes spanning multiple regions.
  • Debugging and inspection capabilities for tasks.
  • Monitoring and predicting resource utilization.

Much of our work and libraries are available to the community or are open sourced. Nomad and its supporting libraries are written in Go.

In this role you can expect to…

  • Work on next-generation distributed systems for orchestration
  • Develop novel algorithms within the context of our tools
  • Build and architect systems for managing extremely large-scale global fleets of resources
  • Interface directly with internal teams, users and HashiCorp customers, as well as the Nomad community
  • Own the full lifecycle of feature development from design through testing and release
  • Program in Go, learning from and contributing to a team committed to continually improving their skills
  • Be available for an on-call rotation as third tier support of the product

You may be a good match for our team if you have…

  • You have a basic understanding of cluster orchestrators and schedulers (Borg, Kubernetes, Mesos etc).
  • You enjoy designing systems for managing highly reliable infrastructure
  • You have experience with container technologies: Linux, CGroups, Docker, Podman, etc.
  • You are comfortable with low-level programming, or are excited to learn.
  • You have prior experience working in high performance or distributed systems; while we strive to hire at a variety of experience levels, this particular opening is not well-suited for recent graduates
  • You are able to knowledgeably discuss design and performance tradeoffs in complex systems
  • You exhibit ownership in your work, including research and understanding of the problem space, collaborating with the team to come up with solutions, proactively communicating your progress to the team, and shipping the feature over the finish line


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