Manager, Web Engineering



United States
Posted on Saturday, February 3, 2024

About the team

The Web Presence team is a hybrid group of engineers and designers who are responsible for delivering high-quality web experiences that support HashiCorp’s business and our users’ success with HashiCorp’s products. For many of HashiCorp’s customers and users, the Web Presence team delivers their first experience with the company and so it’s crucial we set high standards.

We focus in two main areas:

  • Helping to drive growth for the company through creating a high-quality, valuable experience on We’re continuously working on improving the technical and business performance of our web system.
  • Supporting practitioners in learning and adopting HashiCorp’s products through our documentation and tutorials site at Providing a high quality documentation and learning experience for developers that use HashiCorp products is critical to the company’s success objectives.

Our team believes that “working in the open” makes us all better. This means that we write down and collaborate on ideas before we start writing code. We embrace proofs of concept that communicate the core of an idea and often share the “imperfect” version of something first to collect feedback. Iteration and progressive improvement makes our work adaptable, modular, and ultimately better.

The technologies we use include JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js, React, Next.js and more. We host and deploy to Vercel. Docs and tutorial content is authored in MDX. We use DatoCMS for managing content with less technical authors. We aim to be pragmatic when making technology decisions.

About the role

We have ambitious plans to create a world class web presence for HashiCorp that drives success for our users and customers, as well as growth for the company. We’re looking for an engineering leader to help lead and support part of the team that makes this vision a reality.

What you’ll be doing

  • Coaching and supporting a team of five full-stack web engineers, focused on delivering impact for our users (Devops practitioners, cloud infrastructure engineers, CTOs, etc.) and our internal authors (product engineers, education engineers, marketers and other internal staff).
  • Collaborating with Web Presence designers and product managers as well as other product teams inside HashiCorp to ensure alignment on objectives and vision.
  • Contributing to the culture of the Web Presence team through shared decision making across the team, and with three peer leaders - another Engineering Manager, Design Manager, and Director, Web Presence.
  • Shaping and preparing work for small squads of individual contributors to pick-up and run with. Supporting them through unblocking, seeking clarity and making pragmatic decisions.
  • Driving architectural and platform-level decisions to support future feature development. Specifically, some areas of opportunity for future work include: improving the logged in experience to bring the docs experience closer to HashiCorp Cloud Platform, improving our content workflows for versioned docs, and improving the discoverability of our product integrations.

About you

You’re an experienced Engineering Manager who cares deeply about fostering and operating an environment for engineers to do their best work, progress in their careers and deliver valuable business outcomes.

You care about the people around you, both your direct reports and the broader team. You communicate and collaborate with humility, curiosity and kindness. You’re comfortable and experienced working with other teams from Design, Education, R&D, Marketing and beyond. You understand the constraints and possibilities of the web as a medium and ideally you have familiarity and experience working in a B2B SaaS context.

You’d be a good fit if you are:

  • Dedicated to the craft of engineering management, with proven experience successfully managing engineering teams to deliver great outcomes.
  • Technically experienced - with at least 5+ years of experience in individual contributor engineering roles.
  • Curious, creative and collaborative. You approach problems incrementally and collaboratively, taking a pragmatic approach without premature optimization or abstraction.
  • Open-minded. You enjoy collaborating across disciplines (engineering, design, product, marketing and more) and differing levels of experience, from junior engineers to VPs.
  • User-focused. You try to always take the end user’s perspective, and see work in the context of who it’s intended for.
  • Willing to form well-considered, strong opinions, share your opinions, listen to others' opinions, and be open to changing your mind.
  • A person who desires direct, clear, and kind feedback, and is willing to give the same to others, even when it's hard to do.
  • A person who values the flexibility that comes with a distributed team, while recognizing the extra effort that everyone has to put into communication and relationship-building. #LI-Remote
The base pay range for this role in the SF Bay Area / NYC area is:
$153,000$180,000 USD
The base pay range for this role in Seattle Metro, Denver / Boulder Metro, New York (excluding NYC), or California (excluding SF Bay Area) is:
$136,300$160,400 USD
The base pay range for this role in Colorado (excluding Denver / Boulder Metro) and Washington (excluding Seattle Metro) is:
$123,900$145,800 USD